Key West Dec. 2011

Key West, Florida   December 2011

I was down in Key West over the New Year. We went to the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum and it was very cool. He discovered a massive treasure from the sunken ship Nuestra Señora de Atocha. It was loaded with an astonishing 24 tons of silver bullion, 582 copper ingots, 125 gold bars and more. It sank in a hurricane near the Florida straits in 1622. SCUBA pioneer Mel Fisher spent 16 years looking for the treasure when his crew discovered it in 1985.

It was theorized that the crew of the Atocha dropped anchors in an attempt to prevent the storm from blowing their ship onto a reef. Spanish anchors were known to be poorly made back then and this broken one was found near the wreckage.

Some of the treasures from the ship. Note the detail on the handle of this spoon.

We went to the Key West Aquarium. These are nurse sharks.

I did some kiteboarding in the Keys. It was a light day, I was on a rented 14 M, unfortunately the biggest kite the guy I rented it from had and could have used a bigger one but it was still a good day and I got on plane about half the time I was out on the water.



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