Italy: Florence

Florence, Italy  6/29/12 to 6/30/12

Cupid, a street performer, outside the Uffizi Gallery

Another street performer outside the Uffizi Gallery. And this guy was freaky!

You’re not supposed to take pictures inside the Uffizi Gallery but I took a few. I spent three hours in there and it’s the most amazing museum / art gallery I’ve ever been in.

Check out the sheep hanging down from his necklace!

A great view of Florence from inside the gallery.

According to the placard in the Uffizi Gallery, this book was “poetry in the vulgar tongue” by Dante, published in 1395.

Also from around 1395, this is a copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy, and according to the placard in the gallery, the most “iconographically complex” copy with the most illustrations.

Piazza della Signoria

Beautiful women and beautiful cars – viva Italia!

To quote the great Homer J. Simpson once again, “Ahh sweet beer.”

I started writing a new short story, called “The Scriptorium”, inspired by “The Legendarium”, one of the books I saw in the Uffizi Gallery, while I was sitting at this cafe near the museum enjoying this incredible salmon bruschetta.

The view from the rooftop bar/pool of our hotel.

A great view of Florence from Piazza Michelangelo

Another street performer, in Piazza Michelangelo

Il Duomo, at night

We had an amazing dinner at Il Gatto & La Volpe

Garrett’s calzone was almost as big as a football!

Gelato anyone?!

Florence at night, from our hotel’s rooftop bar/pool

A street band in the Piazza della Repubblica

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