Costa Rica Terciopelo Cave

11-22-11   The Terciopelo Cave,  Barra Honda National Park

These little critters are everywhere in Costa Rica!

Los monos – monkeys!

We went spelunking in this cave and it was really cool. We climbed down this ladder, straight down, about 17 meters (55 feet.) The ladder was bolted to a rock wall. It was scary, descending into a deep, dark hole in the ground (and I’m afraid of heights.) We were tethered to a safety rope, attached to our waist harnesses, held by one of the guides who stood close to the top of the ladder. Two of the rungs, about halfway down, were so close to the rock wall we could only step on them with our toes.

Looking up at the cave’s entrance from inside.

Once inside it was really cool.

The entrance, once again, from further down in the cave.

While it’s hard to tell from this view, they call this formation “la familia” since it sort of looks like a family standing next to one another.

This wall was covered with coral, from when the cave was under water eons ago.

Your humble guide and narrator.

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