Costa Rica snorkeling, etc.

We went snorkeling over a reef at Costa Blanca, a secluded beach near Playa Hermosa. It was awesome and we saw tons of fish and a stingray swam about 15 – 20 feet below me.

Our guides dove down to the reef and cut off some shells with oysters and scallops inside and served them to us on the boat with some lemon and it was delicious!

The guide’s stash bag!

Our guide also caught a squid (but this dude is not our guide, he was in the other party on our boat.)

Some trees at Costa Blanca.

We had dinner in a small beach town called Playa del Coco and didn’t have enough seafood on the boat! This is a delicious grilled calamari appetizer.

Mahi mahi.

Playa del Coco

In the States you have to watch out for the deer when you’re driving. In Costa Rica la problema es los monos – the monkeys!

The Copy Vigilante lives! There are two mistakes on this sign, one in English, el otro en Espanol.

11-20-11. Playa Hermosa.

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