Costa Rica Rodeo, Animals, Zip Line

We went to the Las Pumas Animal Rescue Center near Canas (not too far from Lake Arenal.)

This is a toucan.

I went to a rodeo in Tierras Morenas, near Lake Arenal. It was the last night, when the amateurs rode, so the arena was not nearly as crowded as it gets when the professionals perform.

A lot of the locals hang out in the ring during the rodeo. They yell, taunt and whistle at the bull. But as soon as the bull charges them they climb up the wall real fast!

Getting the bull back into the pen is not easy.

I don’t think Costa Rican rodeos are PETA approved. Whenever the bull sits down, lies down or doesn’t want to move they zap it with an electric cattle prod. Whenever he’s standing and they zap him he always kicks a rear leg out and tries to nail whomever was behind him.

I went zip lining at the Arenal Volcano National Park and it was awesome! The highest zip line was 600 feet above the rain forest. The longest zip line was about one mile and we reached speeds of 45 to 50 mph.

The view of Lake Arenal from one of the zip line towers.

A mask / wall decoration at a restaurant (a soda) we had lunch at near Lake Arenal.

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