Costa Rica Nicoya

11-22-11   Costa Rica, Nicoya

After spelunking in the Terciopelo Cave we went to the town of Nicoya for dinner. It’s a beautiful place, no tourists, very old and authentic. This is the Colonial Church of Nicoya, the first Catholic church built in Costa Rica in 1644. It was damaged by a series of earthquakes in 1822 and rebuilt in 1831. It also serves as a museum and holds relics from the colonial times.

The next time you’re in Nicoya make sure to have dinner at the Nuevo Horizonte restaurant. This is an appetizer plate of Patacones, flattened, breaded and fried plantains served with a bean puree and queso blanco (white cheese) and it was delicious! (and cost 1,500 Colones – $3)

Lorelei’s avocado salad.

My dish, arroz con mariscos (rice with shellfish) was also delicious and cost a whopping 3,000 Colones ($6!)

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